[mythtv-users] does mythtranscode affect audio levels?

Robert Tsai rtsai1111 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 4 02:36:14 UTC 2006

Does anyone else notice that mythtranscode seems to dampen audio
levels in the result?

I usually auto-mythtranscode all my OTA HDTV recordings down to
MPEG-4, with the volume settings set to "uncompressed" and 100%
volume. I've noticed that these recordings always seem to be somewhat
muted, so I have to turn up the volume on the audio receiver. The
non-HD commercials are always much louder, but I always assumed it was
just because they were commercials. The other digital non-HD stuff is
also at a normal level, so then I just assumed there was something
messed up in the HDTV broadcast itself. (The defining characteristic
seems to be that HDTV content is "muted", while non-HD content is at a
normal volume.)

However, I accidentally removed the auto-mythtranscode for a recording
(FOX 720p "24"), and noticed during playback that the volume levels
are "normal", in that I can leave the volume at a normal level.

Does anyone else notice this quirk of mythtranscode for HDTV content?

Is there maybe something I have messed up in my configuration?

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