[mythtv-users] Cannot install MythRecipe to save my life

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 19:31:09 UTC 2006

On 3/30/06, bincrawler <bincrawler at hotmail.com> wrote:
> What hacks did you have to do ... I can incorporate any changes to make it
> as generic as possible.


 I was able to install your MythRecipe with fixes from yesterday with
no changes.

I did notice that it put MythRecpie setup stuff under the
Utilities/Setup but that it does not seem to work, whereas under
MythRecpie itself it does. Rather redundant to have it in both places
though, perhaps fix the link added to the Utilities/Setup menu and
remove from the Recipe menu?

I also moved the link to the Information Center screen as I think it
more properly belongs there. Just a thought for you to consider.

Some Q's:
Is there any documentation on the xml import?
Is there a way to search for recipes?
Is the only site supported cooking.com?


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