[mythtv-users] Suggestions on Hardware

Yeraze.27524549 at bloglines.com Yeraze.27524549 at bloglines.com
Sun Apr 2 14:51:05 UTC 2006

Hey guys,me again.  I've done some research, and wanted to run a possible
hardware configuration past you all before I spent too much time on it.

I dug out an old BP6 motherboard with Dual 500Mhz Celerons on it.  I have
an NVidia 5900FX (AGP) with SVideo out that I could use to drive the TV, and
it has 384 (256+128) Meg of Ram.  With the addition of a Hard Drive, would
this make a good MythTV rig, or would it need more horsepower/more RAM?

Also, which Hauppauge card should I drop in here?  From tests I've run, it
looks like I'll have to use my SetTop box to change channels (Don't know if
I'll be able to serial-connect them or IRBlaster them, yet), so I don't so
much need a Tuner as an Encoder (to compensate for the CPU's).

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