[mythtv-users] Australian Digital TV Cards

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Wed Sep 28 10:11:55 UTC 2005

>Before leaping into the twinhan visionplus dvb-t read this post
>You may want to be sure that you are in a good signal area with a reasonable
>antenna first.
>And I forgot to mention before the DVICO has quite a nice remote.
I have a Twinhan VisionPlus DVB-T and an Ultraview (Dvico clone) DVB 
Plus. I wouldn't buy another VisionPlus because (a) I occasionally get 
module loading problems, but more importantly (b) it seems to have a 
rather insensitive tuner.

Any DVB-T card you buy will do HDTV - it's a function of the software 
(in this case Myth) rather than the hardware (perhaps with the exception 
of some USB devices). Whether it's worthwhile or not is a different 

I struggled with getting the remote supplied with the Twinhan working 
for a while. It has a USB receiver included (as I think they all do) 
which means the remote shows up as a keyboard, and it is somewhat 
difficult to remap the keys so that they make sense. IMHO it's easier to 
build a serial IR receiver and use lirc. My Yamaha amp's universal 
remote is excellent!



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