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Anil Gupte anil-list at icinema.com
Mon Sep 26 06:35:18 UTC 2005

Which VNC server will run reliably on Knoppix (KnoppMyth distro)?  Also, I don't even have FTP on my box.  How do I get and FTP client running on that box?

Anil Gupte
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  You might want to check out a VNC program and connect that way.  You'll be able to run mythfrontend from a remote desktop and won't have screen size issues.  At least you'll have the keyboard.

  Howerver, you'll want to fix the screen size anyway.  I think there are two things to play with: Setup -> Appearance -> GUI height/width/offset; and TV Settings -> Playback -> Overscan.


  On 9/25/05, Anil Gupte <anil-list at icinema.com> wrote:
    I am having a problem trying to navigate through the setup.  For example, in mythtv-setup, I am able to move to the desired fields using arrows and tabs, but not able to use any pull-down menus.  Is there a way to do any or all of the following: 

    1. Use a mouse in the MythTV user and setup menus?

    2. Use a dual screen setup, where I can do the stuff on the monitor and watch the TV on the TV.  Alternately, can I at least get the non-graphical terminal on the monitor?  Right, it boots on the monitor and switches to the TV and that is very hard to read.  On the monitor all I see is a blinking cursor.

    3.  Can I set up a telnet server on the myth box?  If so, how.

    One other thing, I once helped someone else when they were setting up myth, and I remember there was some configuration to change the screen sizes so parts of it would not be cut off.  Where can I change that?  I have not been able to find it since.

    I am newbie, so apt-get install is about as far as I can go for install issues unless there is a step-by-step procedure for the task.

    Any help welcome,

    Anil Gupte
    anilgupte at keeninc.net
    k.e.e.n., inc.
    Milwaukee, WI, USA
    Pune, MH, India

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