[mythtv-users] tvtime vs ptune.pl

Brian M. Sperlongano zelonewolf at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 13:30:42 UTC 2005

D'oh! From the tvtime web site:

 ivtv - The ivtv driver supports cards that provide high quality MPEG2
encoded video. This cards are ideal for PVR systems. However, tvtime has no
MPEG2 decoding capabilities or audio playback code, and therefore cannot be
used to watch live TV from these cards.

On 9/23/05, Marius Schrecker <marius at schrecker.org> wrote:
>  >I'm still trying to get my PVR-500 working 100%. Right now, I can use
> ptune.pl to >change the channel, and then cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg,
> and then play that in >mplayer. Works like a charm. However, when I try to
> launch tvtime, I get the following:
> >
> >Running tvtime 0.9.15.
> >Reading configuration from /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml
> >Reading configuration from /root/.tvtime/tvtime.xml
> >xcommon: No window properties found for EWMH.
> >videoinput: Card failed to allocate capture buffers: Invalid argument
> >
> >On the screen it shows just a blue screen with "no signal" at the top. If
> I try to change >channels, I get the message "cannot open capture device
> /dev/video0." This doesn't >make sense, because I was just able to read
> from /dev/video0! xawtv and mythfrontend >also don't seem able to use the
> tuner, but the combination of ptune.pl and mplayer seem >ok. Anybody have
> any ideas?
>   Hi Brian,
>  I didn't think TVtime was able to support cards like the PVR-500. You
> might want to try something like xawtv instead.
>  Cheers
>  Marius
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