[mythtv-users] fixing database- file deleted but still in recordings list

mrwester mrwester at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 02:45:48 UTC 2005

Hi- I've searched the archive and seen posts for
but my problem is the opposite. The other night I was coming dangerously
close to running out of disk space, so I, in rapid succession, deleted a 5-6
shows from within a mythtv frontend delete shows menu. I could see that I
was reclaiming drive space, but for a few of them, the title of the show
didn't disappear from the recorded shows list. In my /video/recordings
directory the .nuv file is gone. In the previously recorded menu, the shows
do not show up. Trying to delete them again does nothing, from either inside
mythtv frontend or via mythweb. They still show up as recordings, but there
is no .nuv file associated with them, and they're not showing in the
previously recorded menu... In addition, they don't expire. For example one
of them is BBC news- gets recorded every day. I changed my settings to keep
only one, and todays BBC news got recorded, but the old one- without an
associated .nuv file is still showing in the menu. Does anyone know how I
can get rid of these entries in the recordings list? Thanks, Mike
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