[mythtv-users] program guide channel mash-up in SF bay area?

Paul Traina pst at pst.org
Thu Sep 22 14:34:51 UTC 2005

I'm installing 0.18.1 on a debian etch/unstable system with MDZ's
packages and a pcHDTV3000 card using the DVB drivers in kernel 2.6.12.
The hardware is working fine, everything is installed.

I am using the Zap2It service, us-bcast in the general page, default on the
video sources page.

The zap2it service downloads a program guide that lists the usual set of
digital channels (e.g. KTVUDT = 2_1).  I then tell MythTV to do a full scan
so I can populate the frequencies for the pcHDTV 3000 card's tuners.  I get
most of the same stations again, but the channel lineups are wrong.  It shows
KTVUDT on channel 22.

If I tune to channel 22, I get KTVU, but, of course, the guide doesn't
have any data for 22, it's all programmed for 2_1.

When I did the scan, I did a full scan.

When I use the dvb-tools utilities to do a full scan (for azap & friends)
dvb-tools is picking up all the local stations.  Heck, even mythtv is picking
up the stations, they're just assigned to the wrong channel #s...

I'm confused.  Did I do something wrong in scanning?


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