[mythtv-users] TV choices - was: Could we install/run Mythtv withoutX-windows

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Sun Sep 11 21:34:41 UTC 2005

On Sep 11, 2005, at 10:11, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:

>>>> jarod at wilsonet.com 09/10/05 4:23 AM >>>
>> No issues here with the new 37" 1080p LCD set I just bought...
> Ok, do tell Jarod - what's the model TV?

Westinghouse LVM-37w1. Did a fair amount of reading about it on  
avsforum.com before buying, found nothing bad about it. The great  
part was the price -- a mere (cough) $1900. The set has no tuners at  
all, which brings the cost down a ways -- instead, its got two DVI  
inputs, one VGA and two component (and svid and composite, but I  
don't use 'em). All my TV viewing goes either through Myth or a cable  
box, so that worked out peachy for me. I'm driving it via DVI from my  
Myth box using a GeForce 6200 with this modeline:

ModeLine "1920x1080p" 148.352 1920 1960 2016 2200 1080 1082 1088 1125

The BIOS comes up just fine on the screen as well, and it accepts  
standard VESA modes also, so I even did a bare-metal FC4 gui-driven  
install using nothing but this as my display the whole way. The 1080p  
mode fits the display perfectly too, not an ounce of overscan and I  
don't have to run any software deint filters, the TV handles that in  

> I'm guessing this is no longer part of the Wilson household?
> Display: 47" Panasonic HDTV, connected via an Audio Authority
> 9A60 VGA to component video transcoder

Haven't actually unloaded either the TV or the 9A60 yet, but plan to.

>> Thought about a projector, but there just really isn't a way for  
>> it to
>> work where I've got my TV now. I've had the LCD a week now, and it
>> blows the doors off my old rear-projection set. Its damned sweet, no
>> misgivings about getting it. Works especially peachy for MythTV --
>> feeding it a true 1080p signal via DVI.
> How far away is your primary viewing area?  I've been kicking around
> the idea of an LCD, but I sit about 14' away from where my TV is.  The
> standard I've heard is 1" of TV width for every 5" of distance from
> the TV.  Based on that, a 37" TV would be just about right.

I think its going to be about 8-10' to the TV, but we're still  
shuffling furniture (off to move some now...). Been watching from  
about 6' away, and SDTV definitely shows its lack of resolution, but  
the HDTV stuff is amazing even if I'm an inch from the screen.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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