[mythtv-users] How best to recover a fubar'd system?

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Fri Sep 9 17:07:41 UTC 2005

Jim Reith wrote:
>> On 8-Sep-05, at 10:20 AM, Jim Reith wrote:
>>> I've got 550gb of videos I'd like to salvage if possible. my
>>> other choice is to swap in a virgin drive and rebuild on that and 
>>> then copy
>>> the root over onto the bad partition once it's up and running
>> I'm certainly not an expert but when I hosed my system in a less
>> drastic way I booted up knoppix and used it to mount my old drives
>> to copy off whatever I needed. Search for a directory called
>> mythconverg and then pull out all the .myd files and that should get
>> you the database. Even if you can't get all of the files the
>> recordings and videometadata tables are the most important ones for
>> getting you back to where you were before your crash.
> mythconverg doesn't seem to be found when I do a "du | grep -i
> converg". I've got a lot of stuff remapped to Lost and Found. I seem
> to have at least some intact structure but it won't boot off the
> partition so I've booted off the KnoppMyth CD and exited to the
> prompt. I've mounted the partition and I'm poking around manually.
> Where's the directory where these would be located?

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