[mythtv-users] retaining individually set recording volumes between PVR150 & PVR250

Allan Risk arisk at hamster.foxhollow.ca
Tue Sep 6 21:13:09 UTC 2005

I've recently installed a PVR150 to my existing setup containing a PVR250.
The recording volume on the 150 is louder and I'd like to get them the same.

The following threads describe a patch for the 150 allowing volume control.
It appears to have been incorporated into the 0.3.7k release of ivtv I'm 

With the command,
ivtvctl -d /dev/video1 -y volume=50000
I can observe the volume on livetv instantly decrease to a level similar to 
the 250.

The problem is retaining this level.
Switching to the 250 and back with 'Y' restores the volume to it's previous 
high level.
The level does survive channel changes though.

Would anyone have a solution on how to retain a set volume level? 

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