[mythtv-users] no Tuner0 option in front end

Felix mythtv at ymhee-bcex.net
Thu Sep 1 07:00:20 UTC 2005

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Felix wrote:
>> Nick wrote:
>>> On 9/1/05, Felix <mythtv at ymhee-bcex.net> wrote:
>>>> I've switched TV provider, and the new one doesn't have the converter.
>>>> So, the signal comes straight from coax wire. I set up video 
>>>> source, and
>>>> linked Tuner0 input connection to this source, however, when I start
>>>> front end, I can only alternate (by pressing "C") between SVideo0 and
>>>> Composite0. Obviously, both of these aren't showing much.
>>>> Has anybody seen this? How can I tell MythTV to get input from Tuner?
>>> Have you set up the channel names and numbers/frequencies for Tuner0?
>>> Without these, MythTV is unable to tune to the channels on Tuner0.
>>> Also, make sure your tuner is working with the correct driver and that
>>> the device exists on the system.
>> I am pretty sure about the second part - I can watch TV in gmplayer 
>> (I meant to mention that but forgot, sorry ;-).
>> As far the first part - set up channel numbers/frequencies, I think 
>> you misunderstood my problem..
> I don't think he did.  ;)
>> or rather I wasn't clear in explaining it.
> I think you were.
>> It's not that I can't switch channels on Tuner0; the problem is that 
>> I can't get MythTV to receive input from Tuner0 input. Changing 
>> inputs on the card (by pressing "C" only goes from Composite 0 to 
>> SVideo 0 and back). I also noticed one other peculiar thing. If I set 
>> up ptune-ui.pl to Tuner0 and then start MythTV, I get the input! 
>> However, the line says Composite 0. Apparently, MythTV doesn't do 
>> anything with the input source; but for wahtever reason, it doesn't 
>> know about Tuner0 being a possible source. Pressing C at that moment 
>> goes back to SVideo and (real) Composite - obviously, with no signal 
>> now!
>> And speaking of channel switching - I can't switch channels in 
>> MythTV, either (but it isn't surprising, since apparently MythTV 
>> "thinks" that it is Composite, and sends "switch channel" signal to 
>> the wrong input). And I can switch channels on ptune-ui.
> This--like Nick was trying to say--is the exact behavior you would get 
> if you had set up your capture card but had not yet set up channels 
> for the video source.  So, how about answering Nick's question?  "Have 
> you set up the channel names and numbers/frequencies for Tuner0?"
> Mike
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ok, then I don't know where and how should I set up the channel names 
and numbers/frequencies for Tuner0... There is a channel editor in 
setup... but it doesn't seem that I can set up anything there (or 
rather, all the defaults that I got from zap2it look OK). And there is 
nothing in front end setup that would allow me to do that... Can you 
please hint :-[


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