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Robert Manning robert.mythtv at robertmanning.info
Wed Oct 26 17:58:58 EDT 2005


If you have access to a prog like the MySQL query browser you can edit
the channels manually (there is a shell based SQL query prog as well but
I prefer using the GUI for what I am doing). If you do want to edit the
channel numbers manually, the table of interest is in the "mythconverg"
database and is called "channels".

The MySQL query browser can be obtained from:

http://www.mysql.com/products/tools/query-browser/ (info)
http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/query-browser/1.1.html (download)

The procedure is:

1) Run the query browser
2) Connect to your MySQL server using the appropriate username and password.
3) On the right there will be a list of databases. Double click on
4) In the list of tables for the database, double click on the
"channels" table.
5) At the top of the window, there will be a "Execute" button. Click on
it. The results for the table should now be displayed.
6) At the bottom of the window, there is a "start editing" button. Click
on that.
7) Double click on the channel number that you which to change (channum
field) and enter the new value. Do this for all of the channels that you
wish to change.
8) When you have finished, click on the "Apply changes" button.
9) Restart the back end.
10) Try it out with the new channel numbers.

Be careful when you are editing the DB manually. Make sure that you do
not change the wrong thing. If you are really unsure, make a back-up of
the DB as described in the mythtv user docs.

Robert Manning

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