[mythtv-users] Microsoft Remote Keyboard

Oliver Groht oliver.groht at catworkx.de
Sun Oct 23 08:35:41 EDT 2005

Lee schrieb:

> ffrr wrote:
>> Oliver Groht wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> i'm dealing with the idea to buy the MS. Remote Keyboard for XP MCE.
>>> Does anybody have some experience with this device under Linux/MythTV?
>>> My Mythbox works very well, but i'm looking a long time for a nice 
>>> remote device with keyboard,
>>> mouse and function keys esp. for Media Center applications.
>>> I know this device needs a IR receiver from MS. I'm looking for lirc 
>>> support, but i think there is nothing
>>> for this device. Only for XBOX hardware. Right, or am i wrong?
>> I have had the following plan for the box that will live next to my 
>> TV.  Yes, it needs a remote control, but I am so tired of remotes 
>> that don't cover enough functions, so I was just going to get a 
>> wireless USB keyboard (I presume like the MS one you mention, 
>> although I had a Logitech one in mind) and use that.  Sure it's big, 
>> but I guess I won't lose it that way :-)
>> Anyway, no need for lirc. It's a real keyboard.   The remote that 
>> came with my DVB card works the same way. The USB IR receiver is seen 
>> by linux as a real keyboard.  So using a full keyboard, there will be 
>> no confusion/tedium mapping key pressings to functions, just use the 
>> ones you normally use when sitting in front of the computer. p for 
>> pause, m for menu, arrow keys to move, type data into a field, user 
>> the <enter> key, and <esc> etc etc 
> Err, wrong.... The MS MCE keyboard isn't a 'real' keyboard, it that it 
> doesn't connect to a keyboard/USB connector directly...
> Even on MCE you have to install a patch to get the keyboard to work.
> The MS MCE remote uses a USB receiver, that does use LIRC. It's a 
> great remote with lots of buttons and works well with Myth.
> The keyboard also uses the same USB receiver (so beware if you're 
> buying OEM), so it'd have to use LIRC too...
> I'm planning on getting one at end of the month, so I'll let you know, 
> but there were a few messages about this a few weeks ago...
> Lee

yeah, sounds great!!!
it shouldn't be no problem to use this keyboard, if there is a working 
lirc configuration.
Did you have a working lircrc for the MS remote ? I haven't found 
something like ms remote on lirc homepage. Only for xbox devices... and 
these are different.
I have bought my remote keyboard yesterday, but unfortunately i have an 
OEM IR receiver from shuttle. So i have to by an original device by ms 
next week if you say thats the same device like MCE remote.


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