[mythtv-users] Cannot scan with PVR500 in setup and ::data:: Column 3 out of range: error

Simpson, Richard Richard.Simpson at wgint.com
Thu Oct 20 16:11:58 EDT 2005

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> Geoffrey Newbury
> I have a PVR500 on an Epia SP13000 motherboard, running Fedora Core 4,
> kernel 2.6.13-1.1524.
> I followed  Jarod's guide except for using RPM's for VIA Epia 
> motherboards
> http://washington.kelkoo.net/epia/  which build in the
> unichrome/libXvMC/libXvMCW drivers in the xorg tree. Kernel 
> 2.6.13-1.1524
> has via drm built in too.
> All that works fine. (But note, you should install 
> ImageMagick first or
> together with xorg-x11 to avoid a dependency race caused solely by rpm
> headers and databases not being in sync.)
> I used the quick method of Jarod's guide to install ivtv and 
> mythtv: that
> is, I used yum (which meant that I took the default 
> configuration.) This
> gave me ivtv-4 and mythtv 18.1.
> I have a pcHDTV3000 card which is not presently installed. I 
> did however,
> save the ivtv tveeprom-ivtv module, and copy over the kernel tveeprom
> module into the ivtv tree. I commented out the recent standard 'alias
> tveeprom tveeprom-ivtv'.
> The card works. I did 'cat /dev/video0 > test1.mpg' last 
> night and got 30
> seconds of David Letterman's monologue... (which was interesting as I
> thought I was going to get Jay Leno!)  Both video to the 
> monitor and audio
> out to the amp worked fine.
> Oh, and dmesg shows everything expected, without errors: 2 cards are
> recognized. 
> Here's when the problems start in mythtv-setup. I'm not sure 
> if the first
> is a symptom or normal. (I have to be a little vague as I am 
> not at that
> computer).
> In the card section, there is no separate choice for the 
> PVR150/500, only
> for V4L capture cards. I *presume* that this is an artifact 
> of the changes
> made in moving to the ivtv-.4 version level, where the 
> 150/500 series got
> folded into the 'standard' stream. If I'm supposed to see a separate
> choice, this must be a mythtv problem as the card is properly 
> recognized,
> and as far as I can tell, the dmesg output is the same as it was with
> version 3.7.
> I can enter the cards, set sources, and define the inputs. If I exit
> mythtv-setup at any point, there are no reported errors.
> However when I go to the channel section, I cannot scan. That 
> capability
> is not available, is 'grey-ed out' so to speak, as if mythtv does not
> recognize the card. The channel information provided by 
> zap2it is there,
> and I can jump into the channel screen and see the XMLID's 
> etc. and switch
> between the 2 line-ups I set up. But I cannot scan.
> When I exit mythtv-setup, there is a long list of error lines, all the
> same reported by the QMYSQL module:
> QMYSQL::data::Column 3 out of range.
> (The prototypical error message...."Something went wrong but 
> we don't care
> enough to actually tell you what...")
> A look at the table listing with ls shows that only 3 tables had been
> accessed (settings and 2 channel tables). Using mysql (as 
> user mythtv) and
> describe 'table' showed that none of their structures looks 
> like a likely
> candidate for a range error....
> Anyone got answers?
> 1)	Is it now usual that PVR500 cards are just V4L capture cards?
> 2)	Why can't mythv 'see' the card and allow scanning?  The hardware
> setup is good.
> 3)	Is this a mysql error? (I note that attempting to log in using
> 'mysql -u root -p' got me a 'user root at localhost' refused..)
> 4)	Does anyone think that compiling an svn download would help?

The PVR-500 *is* a v4l capture card. For card type, IIRC you select PVR-250/350. AFAIK, the myth scanning feature only works for DVB cards. When you download your zap2it channel lineup in the Capture Card section of mythtv-setup, it should populate the channel table (I don't recall offhand what column 3 should be). You can get into the mysql database with "mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg." Hope that helps.


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