Firewire+PVR on same cablebox? WAS [Re: [mythtv-users] Firewire and DCT-6200]

Steve Adeff adeffs at
Wed Oct 19 20:09:07 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 19 October 2005 15:14, Curtis Stanford wrote:
> Congrats! My box is on Node 1 but I don't think that matters much.
> You don't need to set the speed with plugctl. I just set it to 100 in
> the mythtv-setup GUI and the backend sets it for me. I don't think it
> matters that much what it's set to but 100 is plenty fast enough (not
> sure about HD??)
> I'm still having problems with some recordings being cut a bit short,
> even though there are no errors on the backend. Otherwise, working
> great! Next stop is to try some HD!
> Have fun.
> Curtis

I got HD working. but no ESPNHD, TNTHD, etc. ugh.
I also notice that the only channels I can get are the OTA and basic cable 
package channels. So no digital cable, no spanish package channels (no Fox 
Sports Espanol, ARGGGG!) and no Sports Package channels.

this kinda makes the firewire thing pointless as I could just as easily 
connect to a PVR-150 at a minor (if any) loss in quality.

Could I setup Myth to use some channels via firewire and some via a PVR card 
for the same cable box?


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