Firewire+PVR on same cablebox? WAS [Re: [mythtv-users] Firewire and DCT-6200]

Steve Adeff adeffs at
Wed Oct 19 20:14:13 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 19 October 2005 16:09, Steve Adeff wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 October 2005 15:14, Curtis Stanford wrote:
> > Congrats! My box is on Node 1 but I don't think that matters much.
> >
> > You don't need to set the speed with plugctl. I just set it to 100 in
> > the mythtv-setup GUI and the backend sets it for me. I don't think it
> > matters that much what it's set to but 100 is plenty fast enough (not
> > sure about HD??)
> >
> > I'm still having problems with some recordings being cut a bit short,
> > even though there are no errors on the backend. Otherwise, working
> > great! Next stop is to try some HD!
> >
> > Have fun.
> >
> > Curtis
> I got HD working. but no ESPNHD, TNTHD, etc. ugh.
> I also notice that the only channels I can get are the OTA and basic cable
> package channels. So no digital cable, no spanish package channels (no Fox
> Sports Espanol, ARGGGG!) and no Sports Package channels.
> this kinda makes the firewire thing pointless as I could just as easily
> connect to a PVR-150 at a minor (if any) loss in quality.
> Could I setup Myth to use some channels via firewire and some via a PVR
> card for the same cable box?
> Steve

Hate responding to my own threads but I found this:

it would be nice if the pcHDTV guys made a card with one along with some 
firewire ports that would allow us to really make use of our cable box.


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