[mythtv-users] Capturing legacy VHS tapes

Manuel Lemos mlemos at acm.org
Wed Oct 19 15:06:41 EDT 2005


on 10/19/2005 04:49 PM Trey Boudreau said the following:
>> Right, I know that MythTV was made mainly to record scheduled programs. 
>> It seems superb for that purpose although it is not my main interest 
>> right now.
>> The page with Linux drivers of this card recommends MythTV, but what I 
>> want to do, start and end a recording anytime I want with creating a 
>> schedule, does not seem to be possible or maybe it is not obvious to me.
>> Since I could not make any recording with any other program besides 
>> MythTV and gorecord tool that comes with the drivers, I wonder if 
>> anybody knows how I can achieve what with MythTV. Or shall I submit a 
>> feature request for MythTV?
> I suspect you have a tape library from the days before DVD, consisting
> primarily of videos and not TV shows.  I recommend doing the capture

Actually it were mainly home videos of my son. Those are still on tapes 
of an analog camera. I can plug the camera output in the card or put the 
tapes with an adapter box in a VHS VCR.

> manually, outside of MythTV.  Then move the captured file to someplace
> where MythVideo can see it.  You can then enter name for the video and
> have MythVideo search IMDB for cover art and associated data.

Well the problem is that I have not found a capture program for Linux 
that works with this capture card. A simpler capture program would do if 
it worked. MythTV is recommended by the vendor of WIS chip which is what 
the card uses and it works. Any other video capture tools that work 
(besides command line tools with no preview) would be welcome.

I just wanted to make my legacy video captures less burocratic and not 
have to create a schedule to extract each chapter in small files that I 
could delete once they are moved to DVD. If MythTV cannot work like this 
now, I suppose it may not be so hard to improve it. That is why I 
wondered if a feature request could be submitted and it would be 
implemented soon or later.


Manuel Lemos

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