[mythtv-users] Starting to think I should use Kaffeine instead of Mythtv

Alex Cruz alex at wislug.net
Tue Oct 18 06:44:15 EDT 2005

 I suppose it all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a HTPC, 
then MythTV is one option. There's also Freevo under Linux and several "free" 
one's under Windows. As for picture quality in LiveTV and recording, what I 
am watching is acceptable for non-HD television. On my system I use TV, 
Music, Videos, DVD, Images, Games, Weather and Phone. And yes, I prefer the 
old menu structure. Easier to navigate IMHO and the wifey prefers it  ;-)  

Also, not wanting to compile my own due to time restrictions (try explaining 
to a two year old why I have to compile the "TV"), I use KnoppMyth as my 
distribution. Yes, you will still need to tweak it and update a few drivers 
depending on your capture card but overall, it's worth it and does a good job 
(thanks, Cecil). As for themes, I am currently using a custom configuration 
of Myxer. Waiting for the iPod theme that's been posted on here several times 
to see if it'll look good on my set.
As for support, I've found that between this mailing list and the KnoppMyth 
forums, all of my questions have been answered or I've been able to find them 
with the help of others. Myth can be extremely frustrating during the install 
and tweak time (believe me, I know). But IMHO, it's been worth it. I can open 
a browser and schedule recordings, I can listen to my MP3 collection using my 
stereo system instead of my laptop and headphones, being able to choose which 
"JoJo's Circus" my kid wants to watch on the TV, etc, etc. It's all in what 
you want to make it. And one thing no one will lie to you about: what type of 
hardware you use in which compenent (frontend or backend) makes a HUGE 
difference. I'm willing to help if I can. That's why I read this list and 
post when and what I am capable of helping with. 


On Tuesday 18 October 2005 04:35 am, ffrr wrote:
> Really getting tiresome having glitchy live and recorded TV.  Kaffeine's
> picture and sound is much cleaner from the same DVB card using the same
> channels.conf file for tuning parameters.  What is myth doing differently?
> Also, sick of mythfrontend just quitting outright (seg fault) trying to
> play it's own bad recordings, when Kaffeine, can play the stuff recorded
> by myth, despite it's problems, without erroring out.
> Despite this, I keep hearing that a new version of myth isn't warranted
> yet?  What do I have to do - get an SVN version (not really a good
> option)?  None , or very few, responses to the messages and problems I
> have recently posted about.  Do I take this to mean noone really knows
> much about myth when it gets down to the gory details, so support is not
> available?
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