[mythtv-users] running mythtv backend on VIA EPIA VT-310DP

Andrew Plumb aplumb at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 17:49:57 UTC 2005

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Hi Geoff,

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On 10/6/05, R. Geoffrey Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Oct 2005 12:02:01 -0400, Andrew Plumb wrote:
> Has anyone had a chance to install+run MythTV, specifically the backend,
> on
> one of the new EPIA VT-310DP dual-proc/SMP boards?
> http://www.viaembedded.com/product/epia_dp_spec.jsp?motherboardId=3D321

Link correction:

Any known gotchas running this with a PVR-500?
> It's time for me to move the backend off the current machine, into the
> basement. Once this is done my next step will be to replace my current
> M10K+PVR-350 based machine with an SP13K or Nano based, fanless front-end
> machine.
> ******************
> Neat board. Gigahertz networking and HDTV level TV out!

Note that only the Nano and SP13K have TV out; the DP only has a VGA port.
That said, this board does have both a PCI and mini-PCI slot; you could put
a dedicated 802.11a/g card in the mini-pci to serve up content on a
dedicated WiFi channel. I never did have any luck tracking down a source for
mini-pci TV Tuners for us mere end-power-users.

Dual processors... at about 7 watts max each processor. Supposed to run
> fanless!

That's part of the plan; emphasis on low-power since the back-end machine is
going to be always-on. Ideally, I'd like to set it up to wake-on-lan (when
front-end machines want access) and timed power-on/off for program updates
and recording activity. First things first; get the machine built and
running. :-)

BUT, you have to recompile your kernel for SMP AND recompile every module
> against that kernel.
> And there is no guarantee that mythtvbackend has been written to take
> advantage of SMP capabilities.

You're right, the backend itself probably won't benefit much, but based on
personal experience just having dual proc for distributing generic process
load should help overall system performance.

I'm hoping the existing i686 SMP modules will work using FC4 and
Fortunately, I'm no stranger to roll-yer-own distributions and compilation
activity, it's just messy and time-consuming and I'd rather spend that extra
time contributing enhancements and documentation to existing instructions
and binaries. You do what you have to do. :-)

But now that this board is here, maybe mythtv should be SMP capable.
> Having dual processors, even if the max CPU speed is only 1Ghz will really
> speed up commercial detection etc.
> Interesting that it only takes a max of 1Gig of memory....

Look again. The DP takes up to 2GB; 1GB per slot, of which it has two.


If you e-mail the folks at RB Computing (see
http://www.shoprbc.com/ca/company/contact.php), they can order it for you. I
was quoted $509.00, but I've been pestering them for months about this board
and pay cash in person for all my orders (no shipping or credit-card
transaction fees); you should be able to find a similar local shop to
frequent in the GTA.

I'm putting it all in a Casetronic rackmount C146 (see
so I have room to add a second tuner (I have a spare PVR-350) and more
LVM-extended, SATA storage as the need arises.


If you don't know what to do, do something.
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