[mythtv-users] Re: New MythMusic Theme - 4 bins

Nick Parkinson nickparkinson at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 16:18:45 UTC 2005

1. As for 'maybe this is strange behaviour' maybe I
need to re-train myself. 

No, I think that is pretty common behaviour.  Maybe
I'd queue a few albums up, starting with Rage Against
The Machine, then someone comes in who hates Rage, so
I'd add a handful of tracks or an album he likes, then
when he's gone I'd skip on to where I was in the

2.  For some definitions of "large mp3 collections"
this works.  However, I'd be terrified to scroll
through my artist listing without any breakdown on

Indeed, If I filter it to display just my "Rock,
Alternative" section I get 273 Artists. Therefore:

- Page Down is crucial
- ability to skip to a letter using the 1-9 keys is
crucial, and
- genre/era (and other category) filters are essential

For me personally, I think this would suffice without
having the tree break down by letters.  I say this
because I find a letter by letter breakdown is no good
for browsing as you easily miss bands that get
consumed by large collections.  It is good for finding
a specific artist, but then if you can use 1-9 as the
keyboard search then thats even quicker methinks.

However, I guess that there are many preferences to
accomodate for.  I think we should try to implement as
many as possible as long as they don't conflict or
cause confusion.

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