[mythtv-users] ATI 9200SE and DVI->HDMI

Phill Wiggin wigginp at mantech-wva.com
Thu Oct 6 14:16:24 UTC 2005

I just bought a new JVC 56" HDTV with the intention of getting my 
frontend up and running HD.  I've got an ATI 9200SE with Svideo/DVI 
outputs.  I've had SD working fine with it for quite a while with the 
S-video output, but I'm having issues with the DVI.  Currently, I can 
get a clear linux console displayed (overscanned a bit), but I can't get 
X to start.  I've used the EDID information reported by the TV as well 
as several other Modelines I've found through searching online, but none 
seems to work.

To make matters more interesting, I tried hooking my wife's Windows PC 
(ATI Radeon 9800Pro) up through the DVI->HDMI cable, and the TV acts 
like it's cycling through resolutions: 
Blank->Black->Usable!->Blank...etc.  It looks for all the world like 
it's cycling through resolutions, trying to find one the monitor will 

I hooked my Windows PC (NVIDIA 6800GT) up, and Windows started normally.

So, I'm left with a couple of questions:

Does anyone have an ATI 9200SE working through DVI->HDMI?
- - - If you do, can you send me a copy of your xorg.conf?

Is there a problem with ATI cards in general (with DVI->HDMI)?

Any help would be appreciated.


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