[mythtv-users] I'm thinking of switching to windows :(

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 17:23:22 EST 2005

SixArm wrote:

> I never intended this thread to be a discussion of the merits of Linux 
> vs. windows.  I just wanted a bit a technical advice from the 
> community before trying another os.  I apologize for putting the word 
> "windows" in the subject.
> 92% of my computer usage is Linux, but I'm not really biased when it 
> comes to solving a problem.  Sometimes you just need a dry roof over 
> your head and it does't matter what kind of hammer you use to build it.
> I have a simple goal.  Allow my wife to record HDTV as easily as she 
> can now with our hacked TiVo.  Once this is done I get to justify the 
> purchase of a 56" 1080p HDTV.  :)  If I have to go the windows route 
> to get this done, I will.
> I really appreciate the technical feedback and I've gotten a few good 
> ideas to try out. 
> cheers,
> -sixarm
> On 11/30/05, *Ken Teague* <kteague at speakeasy.net 
> <mailto:kteague at speakeasy.net>> wrote:
>     James C. Dastrup wrote:
>     >Just an off-topic tip:
>     >
>     >My biannual Windows reinstall takes 5 minutes. Image a working
>     >system up to your network, then image it down when you need to
>     >rebuild. And if you use sysprep, then even any hardware changes
>     >don't affect the image process. Or, put a sysprep'ed image on
>     >a DVD and just image it to any computer - you never need to
>     >see the installation again.
>     >
>     >
>     I think the point, here, is that, at some point in time, you do
>     have to
>     go through the 45 minute flawed installation of Windows before you can
>     get to get to a point of imaging.  Lets throw sysprep in the mix and
>     you've possibly added a mini-setup to your post-image dump.  Tag
>     on the
>     -pnp argument to sysprep so you can detect any new hardware you
>     may have
>     thrown in your box since its last image and you've tacked on another
>     5-10 minutes to the mini-setup.
>     Also, a *base* Windows setup (including a copy of i386 in the root of
>     C:) is roughly 1.5GB of data.  What do you get in that
>     1.5GB?  Lets see,
>     Notepad (such a powerful text editor), Calculator, Character Map,
>     WordPad (even more powerful than Notepad!), Pinball, Freecell,
>     MediaPlayer, Internet Explorer, etc... but how much is actually
>     useful,
>     and how much productivity can be found?  Hardly any of it.  I can
>     install Debian in 20 minutes and have a fully functional X Window
>     System
>     and tons of utilities and productivity tools.  We can leave out
>     C:\i386
>     and take away about 500MB from that 1.5GB, and that still leaves
>     us with
>     1GB of stuff that's mostly CRAP!  To get up to speed after a
>     post-image
>     dump, you'll need to reinstall your apps which takes most of the time
>     when rebuiling a box.  So, tell us... how long does it take you to get
>     back to where you were after you dump the image in 5 minutes?
>     - Ken
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Ok no one said anything about any 56" TV here, somebody get me an XP CD 
stat. :P
No it's true, in the end, I think Linux is the uberOS, but I think also 
that when it comes to PVRs you do need to consider all the possibilites 
especially if you're just starting out (not that you are at all), and 
generally sometimes if you're a little screwed by the drivers in one OS 
or the other you have to do What Works(TM).
Before I said that mediaportal is too slow, and right now it is, but the 
guys working on it are working pretty hard and updating relatively 
often.  Already they have another release out since the first time I 
tried it, which was only August of this year.  I think if we give them 
some time, if I was to go the windows route I would go with media 
portal.  GBPVR I have never tried, though I downloaded.  never installed 
it as I saw it can't use my cards.
I wish someone windows or linux, would make a good PVR that could use 
all in wonders.  My all in wonder 9700 pro with the arctic cooling 
(really silent) heatsink on it is getting all lonely, poor baby.

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