[mythtv-users] SBE tuner unavailable after MBE reboot?

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Wed Nov 30 04:15:05 EST 2005

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:
> I've got a two-machine MBE/SBE setup running 1.18.1.  (The SBE is
> also being used as my FE; the SBE's NFS-mounts its video-storage
> dir on the MBE and hence stores its video there.)
> I've noticed that if I have to reboot the MBE, then even after it's
> come back up, and even after "mysqladmin ping" from the SBE claims the
> MBE's DB is available (and even several minutes afterwards), the very
> first time I try to do anything in the mythfrontend (still) running on
> the SBE/FE, it claims that it can't talk to the backend DB---but as
> soon as I click OK on that alert, it can clearly talk to the MBE.
> More annoying, though, is that the tuner on the SBE is then listed as
> "not available" if I go to the System Status page, and I presume this
> means that no captures will happen using it.  I have to reboot the SBE
> to fix this; presumably what's really going on is that I need to
> restart the mythbackend running there (but I haven't tried doing
> just that).
> Is this intended behavior?  (I can't see why, if so.)  Is it already
> fixed in SVN?  Is there a sensible way to work around it under 1.18.1?
> (Otherwise, I have to have my SBE monitor the MBE for crashes and
> restart itself if it sees one; while the MBE can't be expected to
> crash on a regular basis, I'm trying to get a robust solution in the
> face of a power fail and restart, and it's looking like I'm going to
> have to keep the SBE from even starting mythbackend until the MBE's DB
> is available if they both power up at the same time.  Otherwise, the
> SBE comes up with its tuner in this unavailable state and might stay
> that way a long time.  And it's certainly irritating right now while
> I'm frequently reconfiguring my new MBE installation.)
> Thanks!
All you need to do is restart the backend on the SBE...



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