[mythtv-users] Stuttering audio on live TV with SVN

Peter Lee peteratcmu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 16:03:56 EST 2005

I just checked --- I'm also running ivtv 0.4.0.  I've been tracking svn for
some time now.  At some point I also had stuttering on live tv and very high
cpu load, but upgrading my ivtv to 0.4.0 fixed the problem.  Unfortunately,
you're already running that version, so that isn't the problem...

Still, maybe this is worth mentioning: When I had the same problem, before I
upgraded to ivtv 0.4.0, I noticed that syslogd and klogd were consuming all
the cpu.  This made recordings somewhat unreliable and live tv hard to
watch.  I could kill the klogd process and things would run better, but
things were still unreliable overall.

Anyway, it sounds like your problem is a different one.  I am not on the
very latest svn right now (I up to 8038), so maybe this is something very


On 11/29/05, Mike Frisch <mfrisch at isurfer.ca> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 03:35:02PM -0500, Peter Lee wrote:
> >    Hmm.. strange.  I'm also running 0.4.0 (or maybe it is 0.4.1, I need
> to
> >    check).
> I could try upgrading (assuming it doesn't break my working 0.18.1
> installation).
> >    Do recordings work OK?  Is the cpu load high during live tv?  What
> svn
> >    version are you running?  Maybe this is something recent?  I am
> running
> >    8038.
> I haven't tried recording, but I will do so tonight.
> My CPU load is fairly high.  Do you think that the SVN version will
> cause additional CPU load due to the debug binaries (assuming the SVN
> build environment builds debug by default)  Stupidly, I never thought of
> this...
> I had the same issue with 7664 but am trying to run the latest SVN now.
> Mike.
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