[mythtv-users] Cant delete programs when HD files up

Ben Edwards funkytwig at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 07:19:42 EST 2005

On 29/11/05, catfish <catfish at halfdone.com> wrote:
> inline
> Ben Edwards wrote:
> > Firstly how come I cant delete programmes when I have filled up the
> > drive, how can I stop this happening in the future.
> chris wrote:
> > The most likely answer is that since the drive was full, mysql was no
> > longer able to update the tables and mythtv couldn't append to the
> > log.
> Just to throw in my own experence. I setup my box with the / ext3 partition
> 10gigs (5gig free) and all my recordings into another reiserfs /video
> partition. When the video partition is completely full I also have problems
> where the frontend freezes when I attempt to delete a file. mysql, logs, and
> such are on /, so I don't think it's a database problem. To fix the problem
> I would mv a nuv file over to the / partition delete a recording and then
> move the nuv file back. I'll have to try the blank file trick though since
> it's quicker to rm and touch then move gig files between two partitions.

I have a mythlink script that creates human readable symbolic links. 
If a file it is expecting is not there it gives a 'file x skipped'
type message.  I was thinking of modifying this script so it created
an empty file using touch if the file did not exist.  This would then
allow me to delete the file.


> > Don't forget that some filesystems reserve a lot of space for root's
> > exclusive use.
> Not being much of a linux guy I didn't realize this and that would explain
> why my programs where not expiring. I did some quick googling without luck
> but is there a way to remove that reserve on my video partition, assuming it
> applies to reiserfs?
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