[mythtv-users] Extracting mp3 audio from mpeg2 video

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Mon Nov 28 05:31:49 EST 2005

> On Sunday 27 November 2005 22:40, Robin Gilks wrote:
>> Greetings
>> My setup uses a sat set-top box going into the s-video and external
>> audio
>> inputs on a PVR-150 card. A few radio stations are carried by the sat
>> provider but of cause the video is static - after recording, whats the
>> best way to split out the audio in a lossless fashion to an mp3 file?
>> I'm sure there are lots of options (mencoder, replex - not sure really)
>> but a simple command line tool is what I'm after.
>> Thanks...
> mplayer inputfile -dumpaudio -dumpfile output
> do you know if the audio is mp3? If its from a sat its prbly mpeg2 or AC3
> 2.0
> audio so you'd want to then use lame to convert to mp3 (I recommend
> --preset
> extreme or standard depending on your equipment quality and ear).
> you might even be able to feed the file straight into the lame encoder and
> it
> might ignore the video and only encode the audio to an mp3 file.

Thanks Steve

Using the mplayer option dumped a very usable 256k mp3 file. Just right!!

Robin Gilks

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