[mythtv-users] master & slave backend - tuner on master to haveabsolute priority and how to setup ?

Robert Rozman robert.rozman at comutel.si
Sun Nov 27 13:27:55 EST 2005

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haveabsolute priority and how to setup ?

> Robert Rozman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have master backend with pvr 350 with analog antenna. I've recently 
>> added salve backend (Asus Digimatrix) with built in bttv capture card 
>> with same antenna signal:
>> - slave backend is not on all the time (it's mainly used for frontend)...
>> - I'd like to record always first on master tuner and then on slave tuner
>> - I'm not sure how to configure channels (they are same for both cards - 
>> same antenna is connected) - I do have problems cause defining same 
>> channels on both obviously doesn't work...
>> I'd kindly ask for any help or pointers to more info how to setup such 
>> system... I've read howto, but didn't extract such info..
> It should be straightforward.  First, make sure you are using the *same* 
> database for both the slave and master backends.  This is a common mistake 
> to create a new database that the slave uses.  Once you have this set up, 
> adding the slave capture card and binding the same channel source you 
> created for the first capture card to the new capture card will allow both 
> to schedule for the same channels without any additional work.  As long as 
> the slave is on, it will be available for recordings.  Because it was 
> added second to your database, it will naturally be of a lower priority 
> than the first card.

thanks for info... I'm just curious - should I set up same channels on both 
backends or is enough just once. Also how to distinguish between Composite 
inputs on both systems ?

Thanks in advance,



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