[mythtv-users] Needed: Xbox compatable Lirc with support for the microsoft DVD remote

Ben Dash ben_dash at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 20 22:04:28 EST 2005

--- William wrote:
> What am I doing wrong? Is there a special repo for
> the xbox specific lirc?

I used standard Gentoo.  I booted with the Gentoo's
xBox LiveDVD and emerged stage 2.  I had a lot of
problems until I went to a 2.6 kernel and then
everything just fell into place.  My final problem was
solved the other day when a kindly mythtver sent me
their lircd.conf so I was able to get lirc working. 
The Gentoo xbox profile pulls in all the appropriate
patches and makes it no more complicated than
installing on any other PC hardware.

My setup is a little different from yours since I am
running pseudo diskless using Etherboot, a FatX swap
and an NFS root.  I built everything native on the
xBox so that's not a problem.  Rather than xfce I'm
using evilwm, since it's tiny, and I autologin via
mingetty rather than bothering with xdm.

Personally, I'd recommend going with standard Gentoo
rather than a mishmash of GentooX and various rpms. 
I'd certainly be happy to assist you through it.

Good luck!

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