[mythtv-users] playing ogm files

matt listmatt at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 20 15:20:42 EST 2005

I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck playing ogg video files (ogm). 
In video setup I've added the file extension and told it to use both the 
default player and specified a player. I have been able to play the ogm 
files in both mplayer and xine from the command line, so I know it works 
on the box. The best I can get out of it from within myth is audio. I 
either get a blank black screen or a screen that says "Loading 
/filename/" for video. I searched the list, google, and the online guide 
but haven't been able to find much about how to make this work. Any help 
or guidance would be appreciated.

I'm running version 18.1, on Fedora Core 3. Nvidia video card with the 
Nvidia driver.


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