[mythtv-users] Multiple FE with diffrent configurations

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Nov 20 13:48:13 EST 2005

Ricky Schneberger wrote:

>I'm using a single backend and multiple frontends. The problem I have is that 
>some of my clients har connected to the backend with a limited bandwidth. 
>That means that I want different livetv-configurations depending of witch 
>client are connecting  to the BE.
Don't know.

>I also wonder whats the difference between watching a recorded tvshow and just 
>an mpegmovie. Both shows resides om the BE. From an remote FE I can watch the 
>recorded tvshow without any NFS/SMB-mount to the BE, but if I want to watch 
>the MPEGmovie I must first do a mount.
The recordings are streamable by the mythbackend process for playback by 
the mythfrontend process.  The videos ("mpegmovie") are played by a 
frontend-only plugin, MythVideo, which is usually configured to use an 
external media player (like xine or MPlayer).  Since NFS/Samba are so 
easy to set up on *nix, it doesn't make sense to add code to allow 
streaming to whichever player the user decides he/she wants to use.


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