[mythtv-users] Re: NUV to DVD scripts for PVR-xxx owners

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Sat Nov 19 18:16:45 EST 2005

Cory Papenfuss wrote:

>> Sounds great.  Will it get around the problem I am having with 
>> mythtvwebburn where the aspect ratio keeps getting altered?  I am 
>> hoping it will as you won't be doing any conversion and the video 
>> from my DVB-T card is 720x576 16:9 natively.
>     Most likely... Little is done to the stream except cutting out 
> frames requested and reinserting missing frames (that get dropped once 
> in awhile on ivtv captures).  DVB captures can be quite a bit more 
> complicated than ivtv captures since they can have multiple 
> video/audio streams, can be TS, etc... My guess it they will take a 
> fair bit of debugging to work in all cases, but once done should be fine.

OK... I look forward to it then.

>> Also, will it be possible to use this code without having to install 
>> a non-release version of mythtv?
>     Currently, the utility is compiled using avlibs that are part of 
> the svn.  I'm sure that requirement will remain, but eventually it 
> should be released as part of the main tree.
>     The author has said that he hopes to keep a standalone 
> (non-mythtrancode-integrated) version accessable via the command line.

Fair enough.  Thanks for the response.

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