[mythtv-users] OT: Need help diagnosing backend hardware failure

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 23:37:41 EST 2005

On 19/11/05, Darren Richards <darren.richards at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks everyone for the advice.  I was able to dig into it this
> evening, and one of my hard drives bit the dust.  It seems to be
> drawing too much current, which causes the power supply to shut itself
> down.
> Those hard drives have been spinning 24/7 for a couple years now.  I
> figured they'd give out sooner or later, but I was hoping for later.
> This drive (a maxtor 250gb) only lasted two years...  I guess it's an
> excuse to upgrade.  I found a great deal on newegg on a Western
> Digital 400GB hard drive.  $157 after rebates.  (one rebate is
> "hidden", and doesn't show up until you check out.  You can either
> choose a $20 refund or a 1 year subscription to pc magazine.)

When you get the new drive installed, I'd recommend running smartd (if
you're not already) and running weekly tests on your drives,
especially if they're on 24/7 (might give you a headstart on getting
data saved before the drive finally bites the big one). I'd also look
into the varying warranty levels between the different manufactures
(I've been buying Seagate recently because they're quiet and have a
5yr warranty).


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