[mythtv-users] automatically launching VideoLan or Windows Media Player with .NUV files?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Nov 18 17:20:05 EST 2005

Brad Fuller wrote:

> It's relevant... in that when you hover over the PNG/link in the 
> "Recording Programs" page of the .nuv video it should say:
> myth://<videofile>.nuv
> I just didn't have to configure mythweb for that to work this time 
> (had to configure mythweb to tell it where my videodir was, etc.)
> You'll get a couple of warnings that you can safely click thru at first.
> I really don't know how this works since on linux I don't see myth:// 
> but it says http://
> I'm sure many people here know how this works. I'd like to know more 
> about it.

User-Agent string?


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