[mythtv-users] red_eye remote woes

Joseph Heenan joseph at picsel.com
Wed Nov 16 10:34:54 EST 2005

lischka wrote:
> I am being seriously dumb here but please someone just put me out of my 
> misery.
> I have a working Mythtv setup on a Pundit-R (FC3 using Jarod's guide PVR-350 
> connected to SKY Grundig digibox)
> I bought a red_eye remote to allow channel changing on the SKy digibox and 
> donwloaded the linux driver, but this has never worked.
> I run the command 
> [mythtv at Showcase Softlib]$ ./red_eye /dev/ttyS0 1004 2
> Opening port for /dev/ttyS0 and setting RTS
> RTS bit set ok
> Writing data ("1004") now
> write() of  bytes failed!
> Data Written....
> Sleeping for 2 seconds ....
> .. Start close... Finished
> What am I doing wrong here?

I'm afraid it's not directly answering your question, but myself and 
other people on the list have found the controllers described here:


far more reliable and easier to use than any infra-red based solution.

[Disclaimer: I am the author of the above page, and designed this 
controller myself for use with my mythtv setup.]


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