[mythtv-users] xmltv questions - the finer points

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Tue Nov 15 02:22:34 EST 2005

Ben Edwards wrote:

>Got my system up and running but am trying to get my head around the
>finer points of XMLTV.  I did a full channel scan and all is well. I
>have my .xmltv file with the stations I want and run the
>mythfilldatabase script (I am using the UK Alternative/radio times
>grabber).    It populated the guide but created a load of duplicate
>channels with slightly different names (i.e. there are 3 with a id of
>3, one is called ITV3 and the other have numbers as their name.
>I know I need to add xmltv codes and was in fact quite surprised it
>did anything without them.  So I guess my question is when does the
>grabber create channels and what are the finer points of xmltv
>configuration that are needed to stop this?

Yes, that seemed odd to me too.  I thought mythfilldatabase, would do 
just that, fill it with data, but it seems to create channels too....

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