[mythtv-users] I Messed up Myth's menu-how to fix?

Korey Fort k.m.fort at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 01:10:24 EST 2005

It's easier than all of that. 
1. ssh  -XC front_end_name
2. mythfrontend
3. hit Page Down on the first menu screen and you'll be at Set up/Utilities.

"Let ye without segmentation fault cast the first int!"

Korey Fort
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On Sun, Nov 13, 2005 at 08:48:14PM -0500, Robert Lundy wrote:
> Is there a config file somewhere that I can go into to get back to another
> theme?  This is with myth 0.18.1.
>   I've
> tried a yum remove mythtv-suite then a yum install mythtv-suite.  But
> apparently yum doesn't remove all the files because the same messed up
> came up after the reinstall.

Uninstalling the front-end software doesn't delete the theme settings 
stored in the MySQL database on the back-end.

Login to your front-end as root and type the following *EXACTLY*:

mysql mythconverg -e "delete from settings where hostname=\"`uname -n`\""

If successful, it will respond by telling you how many records it 
deleted.  This will erase all of your front-end settings for that 
machine only.  The next time you start the front-end it will prompt you 
for your language and launch the setup screen.

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