[mythtv-users] I Messed up Myth's menu-how to fix?

Robert Lundy robert.lundy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 20:48:14 EST 2005

OK, somehow I have managed to select opyions that have caused the main menu
screen (watch TV, etc.) to be displayed side to side instead of up and down,
using the minimalist wide theme. Whats really weird is that it won't scroll
to the "Setup/Utilities" item so I can go in and fix whatever I screwed up
when I was playing with the appearance section.
 Is there a config file somewhere that I can go into to get back to another
theme? This is with myth 0.18.1.
 This was a new install on my laptop (dual boot) to use as another frontend.
Every thing is working decently but I need to fine tune some things. I've
tried a yum remove mythtv-suite then a yum install mythtv-suite. But
apparently yum doesn't remove all the files because the same messed up menu
came up after the reinstall.
 Any help is appreciated.
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