[mythtv-users] Attractive cases

Jules Bean jules at jellybean.co.uk
Sat Nov 12 11:33:39 EST 2005

James C. Dastrup wrote:
> I think the advantages of the Silverstone cases is they have so
> many options when it comes to size, expansion, and looks. For
> example, Silverstone offers the only HT-style case I found that
> supports 3 full-height expansion slots (1xAGP, 2xPCI) in a low-profile
> design, such as the LC-11M, which is also very quiet.

Interesting. I'll look into that one.

> Not everyone wants those boxy-like Shuttle cases, or the
> full-size monster PC cases, like the Aristec HT-400 with 6+ expansion
> slots in their home-theater. 

Absolutely, it's clearly a personal decision. I want room for expansion 
(more HDs, more tuner cards) and I'm worried about cooling problems so I 
want a case with lots of air in.
> No one would ever buy a TiVo that big,
> so why make my own that big?

Good point :-) In my case, because I happen to have room for it in my TV 
cabinet, so why not?


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