[mythtv-users] IVTV wierdness

Patrick Wagstrom wagspat at iit.edu
Sat Nov 12 08:09:42 EST 2005

On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 04:33 +0000, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org
> Has anyone else had the issue of problems with ivtv and their system
> being
> up for awhile. After a fresh reboot ivtv records shows flawlessly, no
> artifacts or anything. But if it's up for a while, it will start to
> record
> artifacts into the recordings. It's the same things, ever few seconds
> a line
> in the middle, looks like a bunch of blocky squares runs aross the
> screen in
> the middle. Also ever few seconds, but not the same time as the line,
> a big
> block in the bottom right cornor, round in shape but a bunch of big
> squares
> grouped together. If i reboot and the recording picks up or something,
> it
> stops. But once it starts doing it it does it for all recordings until
> i
> reboot. Even if i just restart mythbackend and frotnend that doesn't
> take
> care of the problem. Anyone have ideas? 

I'm getting similar issues on my system right now.  I think there is
something very weird going on.  I'm also getting more consistent static
on the HDTV card too.  Really annoying.  My 700MHz athlon did better
than this 3200+...sigh.

I'm trying to debug it right now.


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