[mythtv-users] nvidia opengl problem

dave sailer d.sailer at comcast.net
Thu Nov 10 23:10:26 EST 2005

I have used mythtv for a couple of years and always had a problem with
mythfrontend crashing after the second time playing back live/recorded
content. I finally fixed it based on following this thread...


this  suggests recompiling mythtv without opengl. This fixed my crashing
but then mythgallery would no longer work.  I'm assuming this is because
mythgallery actually requires opengl. However I thought I only affected
mythtv with my recompile. Is there anyway I can compile mythtv without
opengl and still get mythgallery to work?

Or maybe there is another solution to the original crashing problem that
would allow me to use opengl with mythtv.

The error given by mythfrontend when trying to invoke mythgallery is..
libnvidia-tls.so.1: cannot handle TLS data
Unable to initialize plugin 'mythgallery'.

I also came across the following that suggests I *should* be using
opengl with mythtv for nvidia cards...


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