[mythtv-users] Mythtv on Xbox

Ben Dash ben_dash at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 8 11:49:13 EST 2005

--- Tom Lichti wrote:
> Phill Edwards wrote:
> >>Well, after spending 4 days on it, I've got the
> packages installed
> >>again, on a fresh install of Xebian. I had to
> update almost the complete
> >>system toget to this point, so I have no idea if X
> will work when I get
> >>home. I suspect not, but I've got fingers crossed
> again...
> >>
> >>If this doesn't work, anyone want to buy an Xbox?
> :)
> >Don't despair. There's always xbmcmythtv on
> sourceforge. It's not as
> >feature rich as mythfrontend but it doesn't involve
> installing any
> >linux on the Xbox. All you need is Xbox Media
> Centre. I use it and
> >it's fine if all you need it for is playback.
> My plan was to use it as a complete front end, and
> move the current 
> FE/BE into a pure BE role, but that doesn't look
> like it's going to 
> happen. I now, again, have a setup with working
> Myth, but non-working X. 
> It appears that I cannot have both, which kind of
> defeats the purpose. 
> At least I can play games on it.

I hope that I can provide a silver lining to this
cloud.  I have got my xBox running Gentoo with a 2.6
kernel and xOrg running as a stutter free

It works fine as long as I run an xterm, running top, 
in the background.  This isn't a perfect work around,
however, since the xterm is behind the mythfrontend
window it's invisible.

Note that my xBox has 128 MB RAM curtesy of
www.xboxrepairguide.com and I also stuck a heatsink on
the nVidia chip.  I'm also running diskless except for
a local FatX swap of 256MB.  This means that I can
still use the xBox for games by booting to the native
BIOS instead of Cromwell.  I have a SmartXX and am
very impressed with their features.

My only problem is that the xBox is a little noisy,
simple to fix by replacing the fan, and I'm yet to get
the xBox remote to work.  Since I have a RF
keyboard/mouse I'm very happy with the current setup
although my wife would really like the remote to work.

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