[mythtv-users] UK schedules - Sky Three vs. Sky Travel ?

Lee mythtv at varga.co.uk
Tue Nov 8 04:38:31 EST 2005

jonny Linux wrote:

>     On my Mythbox there is no S3, just did a rescan, but ST is
>     showing  Paul
>     McKenna...
>     Ah, so ST is playing S3's schedule, well no, as by Saturday, it
>     seems to
>     have drifted back to the ST schedule and hence doesn't list the
>     new(ish)
>     season of 24...
> Hi Lee,
> Sky Three has replaced Sky Travel on Freeview only. Sky Travel still 
> continues on Satelite, so thats why Radio Times still has it on the 
> website. Sky haven't got round to renaming channel 11 "Sky Three" yet, 
> but it is definitely Sky Three.
> Are you using Radio Times data on your mythbox or are you using the 
> DVB listings? The DVB listings seem to be blank after Wednesday, on 
> both mythtv and on my standalone Freeview box - I'm thinking of 
> changing to the Radio Times listings for it. But I've just looked on 
> the Radio Times website, and Sky Three definitely shows 24 at 9pm on 
> both Saturday 12th November and 19th November. During the day Sky 
> Three mainly shows the sort of programmes Sky Travel used to - but 
> then changes in the evening.
I'm using the RT listings on my Mythbox, but looking at the RT website 
early this morning, both S3 and ST were both listed under Freeview...
On Myth's Saturday listings there are no 24's...
Guess I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days...

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