[mythtv-users] Fuzzy and Wavy Local Channels

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Nov 8 00:17:56 EST 2005

M Smith wrote:
> Lately (within the past month) all my local stations from 13 on down are 
>   fuzzy or wavy and getting worse.  Two stations, 6 ABC and 3 CBS are 
> major static and not watchable.  All cable (non-local) chanlls which all 
> start above 13 are just fine.
> Cable : Philly, PA USA Comcast Analog (no box)
> MythTV build : SVN from mid October
> IVTV : one of the stable '4' releases
> I've tried tweaking frequencies from info found in a few posts, but that 
> just made it worse.  I do not have this problem on any other TV in the 
> house.
> My system is becoming unusable, if anyone has any thoughts, please let 
> me know.

Get an adjustable wrench and screw down all the F-connectors in
your house (not just the cable connected to your myth box).

--  bjm

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