[mythtv-users] Absolute NEWBIE, question about Linux

Aaron hansolo77.geo at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 19:32:40 EST 2005

Hi all.  I just joined this mailing list about 2 days ago, and have been 
reading almost every message for tips and tricks.  I am completely new 
to the MythTV scene and am very interested in becoming a part of the 
growing community.  One thing that I have noticed in the messages and on 
the increasing number of websites is that it seems to require quite a 
bit of knowledge when it comes to Linux.  I have been a dedicated 
PC/Windows guy since Windows 3.1 and the day's of DOS.  However, I don't 
really know anything about Linux and the like.  How much into Linux 
should I go as far as training for preparations?  I downloaded KnoppMyth 
and ran the front end only to kinda get the basics, but even that has me 
overly confused.  I downloaded the SUSE Live Eval DVD and have been 
experimenting with that.  I'm not a slow learner, and have never taken 
any courses to learn any of this.  I'm a self-taught computer 
fanatic/hobbyist so I'm not scared to learn something new.  I'm just 
curious how much into Linux I should read about and play with to get a 
good system up and running.  Any help, and/or ideas on directions to go 
would be great.

I'd also like to take this time to give the original writer of MythTV, 
Isaac Richards <mailto:ijr at po.cwru.edu>, a big pat on the back for a job 
well done. 

Looking forward to spending many hours learning the ins and outs with 
all of you.
- Aaron

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