[mythtv-users] dvb channel data into myth.

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Mon Nov 7 02:15:37 EST 2005

Frank Simorjay wrote:

>That does not exclude the fact that I was looking for a file format that has
>been very elusive. And ffrr was kind to at least get me a 'working' sample
>to review.

Glad it helped.

>This to all involved. As much as I love the Myth product, not having common
>points of reference can be really a downer. It doesn't matter what the tool
>I'm using (who knows maybe I hacked something up myself.) 
>What sucks is that I would get an error importing the file, with no exit
>error, or explanation. So I'm not sure why it fails.
>Digging around for sample files format info. Has also been frustrating. It
>seems that if you need a file it would be nice to know what the fields are
>expected for it to succeed? 
>I'm sure this message will get some fired up. It should not. Docs always
>trail product/dev. 
>It's Just life. 

Sure is.  I deal with it all the time at work.  Sometimes user 
communities are the best form of support, even for commercial software.

>Seems to be that once an 'average' user gets a Myth box up, they probably
>stop supporting the community...and that's just fact. 
>EG. I posted several question to the PCHD group, and no replies .Let alone
>no new posts in a while. Odds are there are all sitting back enjoying their
>MythBox. The problem well gone.
You might have a point there.

>As a user. I wish I could return contributions to the group. 
I have been feeling the same, hence I am starting to try to help a bit, 
- when I can.

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