[mythtv-users] Handling DVB-S recordings with Nero

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Mon Nov 7 02:02:06 EST 2005

Niels Dybdahl wrote:

>     I have been told you should export them with nuvexport. Apparently
>     they
>     are mpeg2 files but arranged as a TS, or transport stream.   There may
>     be other utilities also that can convert TS to DVD compatible format.
> I read on dsmyth's webpage that dsmyth is not able of handling MPEG2 
> as PS, but it was not clear if it could handle TS. Maybe I should try TS.

I believe that is the recomended way now. I think they are dropping PS 
support in myth, so yes, try using TS.

> I seem to manage to export with nuvexport, so that path should be 
> possible.
> I wonder if transcoding with MythTV would solve the problem too. If I 
> can make Nero read the MPEG4s generated by MythTV, then I would have a 
> nice path to do the job.

You would get poorer quality though and I don't know if Nero will accept 
MPEG4 (I don't use Nero)

> MythTV is a much nicer cut-list editor than Nero

Yes I quite like editing out the bits I don't want in Myth, very easy.

> and the transcoding would cut the movie, so there would be less to do 
> in Nero.
> But both nuvexport and transcoding with Myth would cause an additional 
> transcoding which will degrade the quality a little...

Yes.  This has been discussed here in the past.  I would really like to 
somehow just extract the MPEG2 from the TS stream without going through 
a reconversion.  I really don't know enough about it all yet though.

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