[mythtv-users] Re: Re: Usability Issues: WAS Re:Simultaneousrecordings fail spectacularly [SOLVED!]

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Fri Nov 4 13:53:18 EST 2005

>As another example, using the menu to get to the EPG.  That option
>shouldn't even be there.  Every modern day remote has an EPG/guide
>button.  Again, I am still a relative MythTV newbie so perhaps it's
>just my config.

This works for me. In TV Playback, there is an Action called GUIDE.
I assigned the letter S to this, and Guide button on my remote sends
the letter S and it works great. It's differnet then the Menu button.

>> > things like using the "Menu" button to select the channel
>> > in the EPG have *GOT* to be fixed.
>> Wha? I press OK (Select) in the EPG and it works fine.
>Hmmm...  mine does not.

I think there is a setting in Setup of the frontend that allows
you to press 'Enter' on a channel to select it while in the guide.
MythTV button behavior is almost identical to my old
and unused Dish DVR.

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