[mythtv-users] Re:Is gentoo the way to go?

Bryan Halter bhalter at armyofpenguins.com
Fri Nov 4 08:00:22 EST 2005

I have 3 Gentoo boxen and wondered the same thing.  I've taken the 
approach of sharing the tree over NFS.  This doesn't give me the cache 
updates so searches take forever on the remote boxes but I can do updates.

Alexander Petkov wrote:
> =============
> A little bit of time? Don't you mean alot of time compiling? I have
> tried Gentoo and the compiling of *everything* takes forever. I have
> yet to find a pre-compiled install that at least gets me going with the
> basic xwindows, gnome and/or KDE.
> ==============
> Give VidaLinux a try--basically a stage 3 Gentoo install, with xorg, Gnome, etc. Rock-solid perofrmance, the distro is well-themed. The ~900MB size for the portage tree was a turnoff though...Zenwalk Linux will give you a full install with Xorg and XFCE4 desktop in the space of 900 MB. Anyone know if the portage tree can be removed and still have portage functional?
> BTW, I am not a gentoo user, I just peeked at it a bit.
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