[mythtv-users] Mythtv -0.18.1 using protocol 15

fred bloggs roppongir7 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 3 06:24:12 EST 2005


I've had an install of Mythtv on gentoo for a few months, and it has been 
working fine - and happily works with a frontend from another gentoo 

However, last night I was trying to get a Knoppmyth frontend and also 
winMyth to work, and when they connect to my backend I get the error:

MainServer::HandleVersion - Client speaks protocol version 18 but we speak 

The backend is version, the gentoo install is version 
mythtv-0.18.1-r1, and the tarball is called mythtv-0.18.1.tar.bz2 - so I am 
pretty sure I am running 0.18.1:)

Looking at problems people have had with protocol errors the protocol number 
seems to track the release number, so why is my 0.18,1 install using an old 
protocol - 15, and how can I get it to use 18?


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